Episode: 160 TX A&M CHIL with Punk Rock Lottery

Episode: 160 TX A&M CHIL with Punk Rock Lottery

A student organization that was founded through the Texas A&M Hemp Breeding Program ran by Dr. Russell Jessup. The members will gain professional industry leader knowledge and cutting-edge educational information from guest lecturers within the Hemp/Cannabis industry. They promote academic excellence and leadership qualities through the organization. Students who become members will be given opportunities for potential undergraduate research, student worker positions, internships, and scholarship awards. We will also focus on charities affiliated with the Cannabis/Hemp Industry, for example, medicine for people suffering from Epilepsy, Seizures, Cancer or PTSD.

Year Founded: 2022  Membership Dues: $25 semester or $40 annual   www.CHILCLUB.COM

Punk Rock Lottery 

Iconic Austin Event PUNK ROCK LOTTERY Makes a Comeback at SXSW 2024 in 
conjunction with a Documentary Celebrating Its Legacy.

Austin TX - On March 10th Empire Control Room and Garage will serve as the epicenter for an exciting event during the SXSW Film Festival showcasing a groundbreaking documentary produced right here in Austin. Titled "Punk Rock Lottery" the film explores the rich history and contemporary significance of counterculture movements.

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