AWS 2nd Annual Trade Show: 
Brands & Retailers compete for raffle with prizes and Slingshot up for Grabs.

This past November the Texas Hemp Reporter magazine was invited out to the AWS Annual Trader show for vendors and retailers.
We hosted our podcasts # 151 & 152 on site at the event where we spoke with brand owners and met with retailers and cannabis companies across the US.

AWS along with its partners were giving away a 2023 Polaris Slingshot S and many other prizes as part of the company’s annual raffle for vendors and retailers . Of the brands that attended this 2nd annual AWS event; were companies like BARZ, 8-0Stixx, Sweet Sensi, Hidden Hills Club, HiXotic, Fifty Bar, GUD Tonics, STNR Creations, ghost, Looper, King K, 1836 Kratom, dub charge, Half Baked, Cann Social Tonic and more. 

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